Get amazing gadgets

Why buy, if you can share

Enjoy your gadget 75 days a year

Crowdners is the first fractional ownership platform to get and share new gadgets.

Every Crowdners gadget has a maximum of 4 members per gadget. You’ll each own up to 75 days a year, depending on when you sign up. For example, if you join a gadget halfway through its first year, you’ll have 37 days in the next 6 months and 75 days in the second year.

Book the times that suit you

We want you to get the most from your co-owners days. So we have a few booking rules to help you plan your fair share of weeks and special dates.

Guaranteed Weeks

You’re guaranteed at least 2 weeks per 2-month period, either on its own or as part of a longer booking. If You want to take a 30-day period with your gadget, you can either book the last 2 weeks of a second month and the 2 first weeks of the following month, or exchange a week with one of your co‐owners.

Swapping And Trading

Request an extra week from a co-owner in exchange for a week in another month, or buy a week from another co-owner by paying their week cost. Can’t use your gadget for two month? Make a week available for exchange or sale to one of your co-owners..

Rolling allowance

Have up to half your days and weeks booked at any one time, meaning you can plan your priority periods whilst always keeping flexibility in the calendar. Every day or week you use will free up another until you’ve used half of them – then you can book up the rest.

Reserve Now and Pay Later

Choose the gadget would you like, pick how many days do you want to use the gadget and reserve it. When the group is complete(4 Co-Owners), you have the option of paying your fractional ownership, with a single payment (Paypal) and make the booking dates.

Purchase in Group

Choose the gadget would you like, pick how many days and reserve your spot.

Book your date

Choose which days you want to use it and check availability.

Enjoy the amazing gadget

Choose Pick Up or Delivery service.