Frequently Asked Questions about Crowdners.

For Buyers

Crowdners is the first fractional ownership platform to get and share new gadgets. Crowdners allows anyone to buy, share and try new gadgets through an agile and simple platform.

We all want to try out the latest gadgets, but it can get expensive to buy every new item on the market. So, why buy if you can share them at a cost much lower than the retail price?. Even better than renting, at a lower cost (up to 70% of the rental cost) with a single payment you can have a number of days per year for use it and enjoy the gadget that you like.

Thanks to our platform, people can share a New Gadgets. From now on, and with one click, anyone can buy New Gadgets from home and share with other people, with Crowdners you only purchase the time you need. You don't have to buy the gadget that you don't use that often.
In Crowdners you can see all relevant information to each products, including documentary information. Just enter the file for each product and see the information about it. Also, all information on the product sponsor is available in the section creator. And finally, you can evaluate and share your opinions about the promoters and products.
You will receive 600 points in your account when you register, then you can assign the number of points according to the days you want to use the gadget. When the group is complete, you have the option of paying your fractional ownership, with a single payment (paypal) and make the booking dates.
Every Crowdners gadget has a maximum of 4 members per gadget. You’ll each own up to 75 days a year, depending on when you sign up. For example, if you join a gadget halfway through its first year, you’ll have 37 days in the next 6 months and 75 days in the second year.