Transform your bike into an Ebike with the geoorbital wheel
Transform your bike into an Ebike with the geoorbital wheel

As many popular transportation options make the switch to electric, bicycles are definitely not getting left behind. But if you aren’t interested in splurging on a fully electric bike, a company called GeoOrbital may just have the perfect solution for you. The GeoOrbital wheel is a fully contained electric update that snaps on to virtually any bike in place of the front wheel. In less than 60 seconds, the GeoOrbital wheel lets you go from sweaty morning commuter to electric-powered ease.

The GeoOrbital wheel is powered by a 500W Brushless DC motor and Panasonic 36V Lithium-Ion battery, which can last for about 30 miles on one charge, or up to 50 miles with pedal assistance. We’re not talking big racing speeds, but going from zero to 20 miles per hour in just six seconds is pretty impressive for a bicycle. All that power is tucked away within the triangular “gear” house that replaces a normal bike wheel’s spokes. Additional batteries could help power longer rides, but even without the electric support, at least you’ll know you’ve got wheels to get where you’re going.
The wheel’s orbital design is admittedly modeled after the hubless wheel that was made popular most recently by the light cycles in the 2010 reboot film, TRON: Legacy. The only part of the GeoOrbital system that isn’t housed within the snap-on front wheel is a throttle piece that clips onto your handlebars and features a power button and a discreet string of lights to indicate remaining battery life.





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