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Why buy, if you can share

Crowdners is the first fractional ownership community to get and share new gadgets of the The Washington DC Metro Area.

We all want to try out the latest gadgets, but it can get expensive to buy every new item on the market. So, why buy if you can share them at a cost much lower than the retail price?. Even better than renting, at a lower cost (up to 50% of the rental cost) with a sin...

Car Sharing

Can Fractional Car Ownership Work?

A couple of weeks ago, Ford Motor Company somewhat quietly announced that next month, it’s beginning a leasing pilot program in Austin that will enable three to six people to lease a Ford Vehicle together.

It’s not alone in thinking about fractiona...

Fractional Ownership

The Future Of Fractional Ownership

Over the last several years, the idea of collaborative consumption has really taken off. Thanks to startups like Airbnb, Getaround, Taskrabbit and others, people are making more efficient use of their assets or time. The idea that anyone with an extra room to share, or a car they barely use, or spare time or skills that can be better utilized by others — all of it has created a whole new...


Kickstarter’s Impact on the Creative Economy

A new study by the University of Pennsylvania provides the first comprehensive look at how the Kickstarter community impacts the creative economy. The study finds that Kickstarter projects have:

  • Employed 283,000 part-time collaborators in bringing creative projects to life.
  • Created 8,800 new companies and nonprofits, and 29,600 full-time jobs. 
  • Gener...


Transform your bike into an Ebike with the geoorbital wheel

As many popular transportation options make the switch to electric, bicycles are definitely not getting left behind. But if you aren’t interested in splurging on a fully electric bike, a company called GeoOrbital may just have the perfect solution for you. The GeoOrbital wheel is a fully contained electric update that snaps on to virtually any bike in place of the front wheel. In less tha...